Nutrition, Keto and 'Liquid Gold'

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Lucas Price

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November 12, 2019

We are turning back to a keto type of nutrition plan. A couple years ago, ileana and I went to a local nutritionist in Overland Park help us assess our health (please reach out if you have interest as we continue to recommend her); we were experiencing poor sleep and joint pain. They drew blood and evaluated the results beyond how a normal doctor would. Each of us had different results to be tweaked but the resounding advice was that we needed to increase our fat intake and decrease our carb intake dramatically. So....we set out on a new journey....only two months later, blood was drawn again...the comparison between two months on this nutrition plan was mind boggling! Not only did our high risk areas move back to optimal (triglycerides, cholesterol etc), we had been sleeping better and without joint pain! As we turned in our meal journals to the nutritionist, we would ask questions about how to creatively increase fat intake (yes....this is a real thing! ...and, it's probably the hardest part to execute....'fat bombs' are now part of the kids' vocabulary). We were also reading about this 'Keto' diet we chased the rabbit down the hole, we learned that animals raised on pasture have a higher content of omega-3 fatty acids compared to the normal grain fed animals we were used to consuming. We also learned that pasture raised animal proteins contain higher levels of CLA's (conjugated linoleic acid). Some CLA research implies that people consuming pasture raised proteins are at lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer than their counterparts consuming grain fed proteins. CLA Link

...we now had additional reason to double down on our farming direction. That year, we committed to 100% grass finishing our future cattle and butchered 400 pastured chickens!!!

Back to the fat.....Ileana perfected a broth recipe that provided much needed fat to our daily intake and the meat had tastefully silent benefits. The broth has been a staple in soups and other dishes since then....





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