The Overland Park Farmers Market every Saturday 7:30am to 1:00pm at the Pavilion
Winter CSA - Closed for the season

Winter CSA - Closed for the season

Pastured Meats CSA
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Local Value - A $600 commitment secures your membership and is credited to your account.  Each month, your balance is drawn down by the value of product received.  If you need us to pause or add on to the balance, it's as easy as sending an email/call.

Timing - November 2021 through April 2022

Pick Your Location - MONTHLY Pick Up points in Overland Park, North KC, Louisburg and at the Farm

Overland Park - several options
--Matt Ross (Once a month) on Saturday Morning @ 1130-12 

November 20 MR
December 18 - MR
January 22 - MR
February 19 - MR
March 19 - MR
April 16 - MR

--Corp Woods 435 & 69 (Once a month/weekly) Tuesday Morning @ 715-745

--Corp Woods 435 & 69 (Once a month) Tuesday Evening @  530-6

--135th & Antioch (Once a month) Tuesday Evening @ 530-6

November 16
December 14
January 18
February 15
March 15
April 12

Louisburg - (available weekly and monthly) Tuesday Evening 630-7

North KC - Premier Integrative Health (Once a month)

November 11
December 15
January 21
February 18
March 18
April 13

At the Farm - available by appointment

You Pick or We Pick - You can focus on your favorite in-stock cuts or let us surprise you'We Pick' options will have a variety of Pastured Chicken and Grass Finished Beef (CSA customers will also have priority for Pastured Eggs and Forest-Raised Pork as they become available)

Payment Options

-Lump Sum Up Front - This payment plan embodies the CSA model and helps the farm with off season cash flow solutions. (Cash/Check/Venmo are the preferred methods)

-Monthly - We understand that budgeting is important.  With this payment option you gain flexibility for your pocket book. (The first two months are paid as a deposit up front and the remaining months will be paid monthly during product pickups; Cash/Check/Venmo are the preferred methods)

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  As a member, you are taking control of your share of a local food chain.  This membership is an intimate step in showing your support to the hand that feeds you....literally. WE commit to supply your share at a time when local supply chains feel chaotic. 


-Know your farmer, know your food - ensures you can trust in where your food comes from while supporting them for the future. Have a conversation with any of us and you'll understand the joy/passion we have for growing your food.
-Eat local all year round - Local dollars are recycled back into the region and improve communities we all share
-Superior Quality for Your Family - Pasture raised meat is known for nutritional density and being a healthier option
-Animal Welfare - Our kids say 'if i were an animal raised to feed a family, i'd want to grow up on this farm'....most animals here have a name; we believe it is important to show reverence to the animals that nourish us.
-Environment Impact - Our entire 'balance sheet' is factored into the cost.  We believe in regenerating the soil, drawing down atmospheric carbon, improving water/fertility cycles, cutting out synthetic chemicals and improving overall health of the pastures/woodlands.  

-Priority on our eggs for the remaining  of the 2021 season and when the season starts back up in the spring of 2022

-Priority on the pork cuts that will be available before the end of the year.  

 -It tastes GREAT!!!