Pork - Spare Ribs

Pork - Spare Ribs

2-3 lbs
$10.00/lb. Avg. 2.5lb .
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Forest-Raised Pork !

This amazing creature adds to the diversity of the farm and has quickly become the family favorite.  We acquire young feeder pigs from a local farrowing farm, train them on a hot wire fence and then cut them loose in the woods!

We keep them rotating through the shaded woods to keep them happy, healthy and reduce stress; wooded landscapes are one of a pig’s natural habitats.  Our pigs express their true nature by rooting/digging up roots, nuts, grubs and any other goodies they can find.  They are supplemented with a free choice, non-gmo, feed ration.

While building themselves up to nourish your family, they’re also improving the health of our wooded areas.  Pigs make an immediate impact on the land by removing unwanted brush and igniting the dormant seed bank.  Their disruption and the regrowth that follows them will help us manage our hardwood forest, create a productive silvopasture system and eventually allow us to graze the cattle in currently overgrown areas.