Chicken Skin - Pasture Raised

Chicken Skin - Pasture Raised

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Chicken Skins are great fried in lard.  

Pasture Raised.

Our pasture raised chicken is raised outdoors from the time they reach 10 days old. They are moved at least daily to new pasture/grass and are supplemented with a non gmo feed sourced from a local farm. The daily moves are crucial in keeping our birds healthy, happy and tasty! Those moves provide clean forage and bedding while playing a key role in mitigating pathogen/parasite threats. Our birds breath clean air and are able to move around to spread their valuable, natural, nitrogen-rich manure. (This does wonders for the pasture as the increased forage production is gobbled up by the cattle herd many weeks later....symbiotic relationships are great!)

Their consumption of grasses/forages contribute to the nutrient density of our superior tasting chicken. This method has been found to increase beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids as well as increase CLA's. (some research suggests CLA's are powerful cancer fighting agents)