Bulk Beef - 1/2 Deposit

Bulk Beef - 1/2 Deposit

Half Beef
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Per pound Price is based on Hanging weight- additional shrinkage and processing will reduce the amount of packaged meat.

Half Beef (side) - $6/lb x Hanging Weight + Processing

**Prices are based on hanging weight which is roughly 60% of live weight.  Hanging weight, also known as 'on the rail,' is the weight of animal after it has been slaughtered (head, skin, organs, and hooves have been removed..additional shrinkage and processing will reduce the final packaged weight) How Bulk Beef Pricing Works

**Processing fees are paid directly to the butcher and are and change based on how you direct them to cut it.  Standard processing includes $120 flat fee + $.90/lb x hanging weight.  On average, processing a 1/2 (side) translates to $375 depending on the hanging weight (subject to change)


Packaged beef yield varies and is approximately 65% of hanging weight.

++On average, a 1,000 pound animal will yield 600 lbs of hanging weight and 375 to 400 lbs of packaged cuts (187 to 200 lbs per half)